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Mountaintop Vizslas

Parents! Parents! Father of the puppies! This is Petey, he is a gorgeous male with an awesome personality. He loves everyone and is very obedient. 10188188 Sue This is Sue, she has a very sweet temperment. She adores people, expecially children. She is our little clown! 10187730 Sue One of our little sweethearts. 10187746 Abby This is Abby, she is a sweet and beautiful girl. She is so smart! She's a joy to have around. 22933289 Tiny Tiny is a sweetheart. She is on the smaller side, around 30-35 lbs. 10190496 Rusty This is Rusty, she is truly mans best friend! She stays by your side constantly, she adores everyone she meets. 10190519 Rusty Rusty loves to play with her tennis ball! She weighs areound 45 lbs and is a real sweetheart. She follows me everywhere I go. 12894069 Rusty 12894070