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Mountaintop Vizslas

Sue's Little Boys October 2009 Sue's Little Boys October 2009 Green collared male 55530994 4 Little Brothers! 55530995 55530996 Red Collared Male This is our runt of the litter! He's a sweetheart! 55530998 55530999 55533347 Romeo Our little boy with no collar on is a little snuggle bug. He constantly wants you to hold him! He's very jealous when his brothers get more attention than he does! 55531000 Pups playing with my son! They were tickling him and making him laugh! 56224616 Red Collared Male He's a real sweetheart! 56224617 Red collared male. 56224618 Orange, red, and green collared boys! The green collared boy is the runt of this litter. 56224619